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Praga: Castles, Pigs a$$ and The History of Misused Power.

Upon boarding my flight to Prague an elderly Spanish man, intrigued by my hair, sat right in front of me and complimented my afro ponytail as I sipped on my coffee at one of the airport cafes. Although I was flattered, I was also a bit perplexed when he sat down at "my" table. Personal space being invaded intentionally or unintentionally is still something that surprises and tickles me at the same time, but at times annoys the hell out of me when I just want to be alone. However, this space invading man was surprisingly a small joy of delight, which was just what I needed to start my trip. Sometimes it's necessary to put the phone down and engaged in a conversation, even if it's just a five minute chit chat. I sound like such a millennial, but I digress.

After landing in Prague, Czech Republic I immediately hit the ground running. I had no time to waste as the day of my arrival would be the first of the two full days I had there. So, I started with Prague Castle. Majestic and stoic, this gothic style castle displays parts of its history on the outside just as much as it does on the inside. Known for many fires and invasions alongs with holding the Crown jewels and housing Bohemian Kings, the Prague Castle is a real treat for a lover of history aesthetics. After walking around for about two and a half hours I bought some mulled wine to warm me up as I set out to get to my hostel, Sophie's Hostel. This hostel was also conveniently located near a nail shop and had a Spa that was right across the street and very affordable which I took full advantage of. After getting settled I got the recommended Goulash soup and went to bed early since I planned on making the most of the last full day there.

Traditional Goulash Soup

Around 8 a.m. I woke up only to be greeted by the dreadful Aunt Flow. However, a long hot shower and one strong dosage of Ibuprofen later I was ready to start the day. First stop, the Charles Bridge. The views there were breathtaking and I was grateful that I was able to get a picture there. I was bit hesitant to ask people because their personalities appeared just as cold as the weather, but I managed to conjure up the courage to ask and was answered with a smile and *snap, snap, snap.* The woman gave me a full on photoshoot. Never judge a book by its over, eh? Delighted with the picture and headed toward the next destination.

Old Town Square introduced me to more goulash soup, scones, more mulled wine and a variety of other entrees. It was heaven for this little piglet, which by the way ended up being my dinner. However, with the menu being in Czech, I believe I ordered Pig's A$$, because what I ate was what I could only imagine being just that. To say the least, that was not the best meal during my stay there, but it was an experience I now know I would not like to experience again. LOL.

I ended the day and my trip at The Museum of Communism, which gave me an insight into how Communism engulfed this country during the Second World War. I've always heard about it, but when getting as close as you can to history things really get put into perspective. Stories about communism taking over media outlets, jobs, ones way of thinking and life in general was unfathomable. Yet, there I was looking at evidence and learning about the intimate details that led to these events, making me cringe about how although, nothing is inherently wrong with power, it has often ended up in the wrong hands that holds it. Just look at America.

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