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30th Birthday Travels Part 1:Lago, Portugal-Hitchhikers and Paddle Boards

So, it's been 18 days since I turned 30 and I gotta tell you life has been way less anxious than it was in my 20's for some reason. I don't know if I just don't have the energy to be anxious or as soon as you turn 30 you enter a magical worry free realm. Whatever it is, I'll take it! I'm learning to live in the present more often and look forward to my future while also reflecting on my past just so I don't make the same mistakes as I did in my 20's. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes, but after a decade of being allowed to make them and possibly the same ones over and over again, there comes a point where you just gotta look yourself in the mirror and give yourself a motivational aggressive rap to do better.

With that said, let me jump into the first part of my birthday celebration that happened a week and a half before my birthday. Yes, I decided to celebrate my birthday for about two weeks, which if you think about it, is like an extra toss of confetti in the air compared to the people who celebrate their birthday for the entire month... but, no shade. I planned a trip with one of my dearest and craziest spanish speaking friends', Ibra, since we both share the same birthday month. We decided on Portugal for a few days because it's super cheap and beautiful and although we can't speak Portuguese, for the most part, Spanish speakers and Portuguese speakers can understand each other. So, it's a bit easy to get around. Although I wanted to hit up Porto and Lisboa, it was best that we stuck to one location since driving from Madrid to the the south of Portugal, Lagos to be exact, is an 8 hour drive. I read ahead of time that the beaches are gorgeous with hidden coves and clear water, so I was excited to basque in the sunshine and waves Lagos had to offer. Eight hours of driving, singing, talking and me sitting shotgun because I can't really drive stick (only on the highways) was exhausting. LOL.

Sidenote: Ibra just gave me a, "B%$^# really?" facial expression as I read that last sentence out loud.

For this trip I just wanted to relax, reflect on what I learned in my twenties and do one big activity. So, when we arrived to our airbnb that we shared with about 4 other guests, we cooked dinner and we went straight to bed because the next day we planned an activity, paddleboarding. Both of us had never done this and we were super anxious to. The next morning arrived and we made breakfast and talked, forgetting that the activity was an hour away. Rushing to the car and blaming one another for our potential lateness, we sped out of the parking lot continuing to bicker like brother and sister. Right after I jokingly threatened to kick him out of the car and suggest he befriend the hitchhiker that we were about to pass so I can make it on time to enjoy the activity, Ibra looks at the hitchhiker and pulls over on the side of the road.

Me: "¿Enserio?" I ask.

And without a flinch or a clue of the potential danger he was about to put us in, he waves the stranger over with a smile, proceeds to reorganize the clutter that's in his backseat and answers, " Why not?."

Eyes bugged, my thoughts raced to try and quickly translate, " Uh F$#& NO!" But like so many times before, I blanked out at what the words were. I have a bad habit of just going totally blank in both languages when I'm infuriated which just makes me even more angry. I actually wasn't mad at the fact that Ibra helped a stranger, I was livid at the fact that we spent a lot of money on this activity that seemed like we were about to miss and he didn't ask if I minded if we pick this potentially dangerous guy up. Low key I was thinking more about the activity but ...

As the very grateful, perspiring and musty stranger made his way into the car and starts a conversation, I roll down the windows to get some fresh air, resist the urge to throw him out, and just pray he doesn't harm us or veer us off our route to the activity. Like I said before, money was invested and I was really looking forward to paddle boarding. I know I know, priorities were not considered here as I kept imagining my guardian angel looking out the window in the back seat with the hitchhiker like, "I don't get paid enough for what you put me through. Sis! Help me help you!"

We drove with the stranger for about 20 minutes as he told us about his childhood and where he was headed. I still don't know where he was headed, but I wish him all the best. We dropped him off near the roundabout we were approaching, wished him the best of luck and after I collected my thoughts to fix my mouth to say, " Don't ever do that again," we were off to the activity. LOL. I wasn't going to let this minor setback keep me in a bad mood all day even though we were late, but thank GOD the director gave people an extra 15 -20 minutes to arrive since getting there was a bit tricky. We made it and we had a great time! And the pic below describes perfectly how well each of us handled that paddle board which low key gave me great joy considering how mad I was at him for picking up that car guest. jejejeje. Stay tuned for part two of my 30th Birthday week.

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